Police Call Log

Date Street Name Closest Intersection Call Type Incident Number CFS Dispo
10/3/2023 11:06:44 PM S LANA DR S LANA DR and S HOFFER LN Noise Disturbance CFS23-216316
10/3/2023 10:53:10 PM W 16TH ST W 16TH ST and S RANDOLPH LN Hit & Run CFS23-216311
10/3/2023 10:46:58 PM S COVELL AVE S COVELL AVE and W 31ST ST Suspicious Vehicle CFS23-216310 NAT
10/3/2023 10:41:58 PM S LOUISE AVE S LOUISE AVE and W 34TH ST Accident CFS23-216309 NAT
10/3/2023 10:32:22 PM W RUSSELL ST N GARFIELD AVE and FRONTAGE RD Disorderly Subjects CFS23-216305 NAT
10/3/2023 10:23:46 PM S SHERMAN AVE S SHERMAN AVE and E 22ND ST Protection Order Violation CFS23-216300 NAT
10/3/2023 10:15:41 PM N DULUTH AVE N DULUTH AVE and W 1ST ST Parking Violations CFS23-216298 NAT
10/3/2023 10:13:47 PM S WAYLAND AVE S WAYLAND AVE and E 12TH ST Larceny CFS23-216296
10/3/2023 10:00:00 PM W 7TH ST Check Wellbeing CFS23-216293 NAT
10/3/2023 9:46:07 PM S BRIDGEPORT PL S BRIDGEPORT PL and S NEWPORT PL Noise Disturbance CFS23-216288 NAT
10/3/2023 9:39:28 PM W 69TH ST W 69TH ST and S MEDICAL CT 911 Hang Up Landline/BUSN/VOIP CFS23-216285 UNF
10/3/2023 9:28:05 PM E 11TH ST E 11TH ST and S SNEVE AVE Suspicious Subject CFS23-216281 NAT
10/3/2023 9:21:34 PM W 69TH ST W 69TH ST and S MEDICAL CT Disorderly Subjects CFS23-216280 NAT
10/3/2023 9:19:43 PM W 12TH ST W 12TH ST and S MELROSE PL Accident CFS23-216279 CITE
10/3/2023 9:18:00 PM S WESTERN AVE W 51ST ST and S WESTERN AVE Public Assist CFS23-216278 NAT
10/3/2023 9:09:18 PM W YUKON TRL W YUKON TRL and N ASTORIA DR Check Wellbeing CFS23-216275 NAT
10/3/2023 8:58:57 PM E MONUMENT PL E MONUMENT PL and N WAYLAND AVE Family Dispute CFS23-216270 CR
10/3/2023 8:57:03 PM S BAHNSON AVE E VENDAVEL ST and S OSTRO AVE Runaway CFS23-216269 NAT
10/3/2023 8:51:35 PM W 41ST ST Accident CFS23-216266 NAT
10/3/2023 8:42:41 PM W 59TH ST Check Wellbeing CFS23-216261 NAT
10/3/2023 8:40:51 PM W RUSSELL ST W RUSSELL ST and N WEST AVE Family Dispute CFS23-216260 NAT
10/3/2023 8:39:22 PM W 26TH ST S MARION RD and W BERKSHIRE BLVD Accident CFS23-216259 NAT
10/3/2023 8:36:24 PM N CLIFF AVE N CLIFF AVE and E 56TH ST N Disorderly Subjects CFS23-216257 NAT
10/3/2023 8:32:20 PM W 69TH ST W 69TH ST and S MEDICAL CT 911 Hang Up Landline/BUSN/VOIP CFS23-216255 NAT
10/3/2023 8:31:36 PM N ELMWOOD AVE W 3RD ST and N ELMWOOD AVE Check Wellbeing CFS23-216254 NAT