Police Call Log

Date Street Name Closest Intersection Call Type Incident Number CFS Dispo
2/6/2023 7:15:37 AM W 18TH ST W 18TH ST and S WEST AVE Assist SO CFS23-025512
2/6/2023 6:52:51 AM N CASCO AVE N CASCO AVE and E 39TH ST N Disorderly Subjects CFS23-025506
2/6/2023 6:27:10 AM N CLIFF AVE N CLIFF AVE and E 39TH ST N Disorderly Subjects CFS23-025500 NAT
2/6/2023 6:20:24 AM N KIWANIS AVE N KIWANIS AVE and W RICE ST Missing Person CFS23-025498 UTL
2/6/2023 5:43:36 AM S WALTS AVE S WALTS AVE and W 9TH ST Stolen Vehicle CFS23-025491 CR
2/6/2023 5:32:38 AM N PHILLIPS AVE N PHILLIPS AVE and E 4TH PL Man Down CFS23-025489 NAT
2/6/2023 5:31:48 AM S MINNESOTA AVE S MINNESOTA AVE and W ANCHOR LN Larceny CFS23-025488 CR
2/6/2023 5:30:32 AM E ARROWHEAD PKWY S FOSS AVE and E ARROWHEAD PKWY Larceny CFS23-025487 CR
2/6/2023 5:30:09 AM S EASTWIND AVE S EASTWIND AVE and E TREE TOP ST Suspicious Subject CFS23-025486 UTL
2/6/2023 5:29:20 AM S LOUISE AVE S SHIRLEY AVE and W SHIRLEY PL Larceny CFS23-025485 CR
2/6/2023 5:27:56 AM W 13TH PL W 13TH PL and S EBENEZER AVE Disorderly Phone Calls CFS23-025484 CR
2/6/2023 5:26:32 AM W 41ST ST W EMPIRE PL and W 49TH ST Larceny CFS23-025483 CR
2/6/2023 5:25:03 AM E 10TH ST E 10TH ST and S BLAUVELT AVE Larceny CFS23-025482 CR
2/6/2023 5:19:21 AM W 41ST ST W EMPIRE PL and W 49TH ST Larceny CFS23-025481 CR
2/6/2023 5:18:06 AM S MAIN AVE S MAIN AVE and W 12TH ST Larceny CFS23-025480 CR
2/6/2023 2:56:20 AM W 18TH ST Accident CFS23-025471 CR
2/6/2023 2:44:42 AM S BLAINE AVE S BLAINE AVE and E 18TH ST Check Wellbeing CFS23-025470 NAT
2/6/2023 2:30:31 AM N DAKOTA AVE N DAKOTA AVE and W 6TH ST Check Security CFS23-025466 NAT
2/6/2023 2:14:36 AM W 69TH ST W 69TH ST and S MEDICAL CT Narcotics CFS23-025464 CR
2/6/2023 2:02:30 AM N SPRING AVE N SPRING AVE and W 5TH ST Disorderly Subjects CFS23-025462 GOA
2/6/2023 1:38:52 AM W 12TH ST W 12TH ST and S GLENDALE AVE Check Wellbeing CFS23-025461 NAT
2/6/2023 1:12:43 AM S WHEATLAND AVE S WHEATLAND AVE and W KELSEY ST Family Dispute CFS23-025458 NAT
2/6/2023 1:11:22 AM N CLIFF AVE N CLIFF AVE and E BENNETT ST Robbery CFS23-025457 CR
2/6/2023 1:08:58 AM S WESTERN AVE S WESTERN AVE and W 39TH ST Accident CFS23-025456 CR
2/6/2023 1:01:54 AM W 14TH ST W 14TH ST and S DULUTH AVE Assault CFS23-025455 NAT