Police Call Log

Date Street Name Closest Intersection Call Type Incident Number CFS Dispo
8/19/2018 5:16:32 AM W RUSSELL ST FRONTAGE RD and N SPRING AVE Disorderly Subjects CFS18-121579 NAT
8/19/2018 5:12:46 AM S ROCK CREEK DR S ROCK CREEK DR and E 22ND ST Accident CFS18-121576 UTL
8/19/2018 4:35:58 AM W 41ST ST W 41ST ST and W EMPIRE PL Disorderly Subjects CFS18-121568 NAT
8/19/2018 4:34:49 AM S GATEWAY BLVD S GATEWAY BLVD and W 41ST ST Disorderly Subjects CFS18-121567
8/19/2018 4:15:12 AM W 11TH ST W 11TH ST and S MENLO AVE Suspicious Vehicle CFS18-121562 NAT
8/19/2018 3:54:20 AM N PRAIRIE AVE W 4TH ST and N PRAIRIE AVE Disorderly Subjects CFS18-121560 NAT
8/19/2018 3:25:11 AM S DOODLER DR S DOODLER DR and E SHELLYNN DR Indecent Exposure CFS18-121554 UTL
8/19/2018 3:17:52 AM E FALLS PARK DR E FALLS PARK DR and N 1ST AVE Suspicious Vehicle CFS18-121552 NAT
8/19/2018 3:12:52 AM W 2ND ST N DAKOTA AVE and W 3RD ST Family Dispute CFS18-121551 NAT
8/19/2018 3:11:44 AM S TOWNSLEY AVE S TOWNSLEY AVE and W 85TH ST 911 Hangup Wireless CFS18-121549 NAT
8/19/2018 3:05:34 AM E 24TH ST E 24TH ST and S ANNWAY DR Family Dispute CFS18-121547 NAT
8/19/2018 3:01:03 AM E 4TH ST E 4TH ST and N WAYLAND AVE Disorderly Subjects CFS18-121544 NAT
8/19/2018 2:57:13 AM N MINNESOTA AVE N MINNESOTA AVE and W 5TH ST Injury Accident P3 CFS18-121543 NAT
8/19/2018 2:50:56 AM E 3RD ST Disorderly Subjects CFS18-121542 NAT
8/19/2018 2:39:03 AM S PHILLIPS AVE S MALL AVE and E 9TH ST Assault CFS18-121540 CR
8/19/2018 2:37:06 AM S CLIFF AVE E 20TH ST and S 7TH AVE Larceny CFS18-121539 NAT
8/19/2018 2:31:28 AM E 12TH ST Disorderly Subjects CFS18-121536 NAT
8/19/2018 2:21:56 AM E 54TH ST E 54TH ST and S HOSTA AVE Suspicious Activity CFS18-121528 NAT
8/19/2018 2:18:00 AM S GARFIELD AVE S GARFIELD AVE and W 10TH ST Fight Disturbance CFS18-121527 NAT
8/19/2018 2:17:25 AM E 8TH ST E 8TH ST and N PHILLIPS AVE Larceny CFS18-121526 CR
8/19/2018 2:14:21 AM S MINNESOTA AVE S HOMAN PL and W 81ST ST Intoxicated Subject CFS18-121525 NAT
8/19/2018 1:52:41 AM S PHILLIPS AVE S MALL AVE and E 9TH ST Accident CFS18-121522 DC
8/19/2018 1:51:32 AM S WESTERN AVE S WESTERN AVE and W 12TH ST Family Dispute CFS18-121520 NAT
8/19/2018 1:48:58 AM S PHILLIPS AVE S PHILLIPS AVE and W 9TH ST Hit & Run CFS18-121517 NAT
8/19/2018 1:45:55 AM W 18TH ST W 18TH ST and S MAIN AVE Suspicious Subject CFS18-121515 DC