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DatePermit #House #StreetTypeDescriptionContractorValueStatus
5/27/2016MHP-050953-2016131E ORLEANS PL Manufactured Home PlacementNEW PLACEMENTMINDY THOMAS0.00Issued
5/27/2016MHP-051166-20162804N BONNEVILLE PL Manufactured Home PlacementNEW HOME PLACEMENTPAM CAIN0.00Issued
5/27/2016SIGN-051262-2016901E WALNUT ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
5/27/2016ZON-051318-2016716S REGAL PL ZoningREPLACE DECK 12' X 12' FREESTANDING, OPEN & UNENCLOSEDGWEN LAKE500.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-050879-2016525S HOLLY AVE Residential Buildingnew house & garage, governor's house & attached garage, no decks or patios shown SOUTH EASTERN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION180100.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-050672-20166413S HEMINGSTONE TRL Residential Buildingnew house & garage, lower level unfinished, 15' x 20' covered deck D & E CONSTRUCTION231810.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051135-20167904W STRABANE ST Residential Buildingnew house & garage lower level unfinished 13 x 14 open & unenclosed deck PMT CONSTRUCTION LLC209125.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051267-2016701N PRAIRIE AVE Residential BuildingReroof houseMARK LUKE CONSTRUCTION LLC5000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051271-20165928S SAN DIEGO AVE Residential BuildingReroof House & Garage OnlyJADE VEURINK2100.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051272-20165913S GALWAY AVE Residential Buildinginstall 8 x 10 purgla on existing deck in backyardGREGG KLEINWOLTERINK300.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051278-20164300S SOUTHEASTERN AVE Residential BuildingRemove and replace north and east side siding on chimney chase.KATZENBERGER LLC1388.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051281-20164620W BRIGGS DR Residential BuildingFront Entry Deck under existing roof (8'x12')AARON PLANK1000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051285-20163105W ROSE CREST DR Residential BuildingReroof house & attached garage.TRAVIS LEIBRICH10900.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051288-20163504N 10TH AVE Residential BuildingRemove and replace siding entire house only. Remove and replace 10 windows, on enclosed porch, same RO, no structural changes.Js HANDYMAN SERVICE LLC8500.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051291-20161213S MONTICELLO AVE Residential BuildingLower level finish of two bedrooms maintaining egress, bathroom and family room with gas fireplace.TYLER KROME5000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051292-20165117S BIRCHWOOD AVE Residential Buildingdeck addition 12'x18'MIKE BADER CONSTRUCTION3000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051313-20164404S DUBUQUE AVE Residential BuildingHouse & Garage Finished Lower Level 12'x16' covered deckCARPENTER CO INC, THE265300.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051315-2016209N DETROIT AVE Residential BuildingRepair damaged joist as needed, repair stair stringers, replace deck boards, install new hand/guard rails. Utilizing existing frost footings.CAL EICHMANN1000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051325-20161104S LAURIE DR Residential BuildingReplace fireplace flue with a triple wrap pipe and remove masonry flue and install wood frame fireplace chase Only -- Per Jay HLYNNETTE LOCKE5000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051328-20164310S GRINNELL AVE Residential BuildingLower Level Finish - family room, bathroom, 2 Bedrooms (egress required)ZACHARY COLE5000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051334-20161717S ANNWAY DR Residential BuildingDECK ADDITION 6'X7'JIMMY REID1000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051342-20162205S WAYLAND AVE Residential BuildingReplace Deck 23'x18' freestandingB I C COMPANY5000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051344-20166408W 53RD ST Residential BuildingRepair stairs and stringers, repair damaged joists, remove existing handrail and reinstall, replace deck boards.SCOTT HOFFER500.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051345-20164204N MONTANA AVE Residential Building12' x 16' pergolaANGELA SEES500.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051347-20166045S CANTERBURY PL Residential BuildingDetached Garage 14'x14'B D BUILDERS8500.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051348-20163808N ORION DR Residential Buildinglower level finish - bathroom and family and 1 bedroom (egress required)BRADLEY DORMAN5000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051350-20162600S BERNHAVEN AVE Residential Buildingfront entry deck 12'x12'JOSHUA LUCAS1000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051368-2016731E INVERNESS DR Residential BuildingRemodel master bathroom, removing existing tub and replace with walk in shower, new fixtures and flooring. Remodel guest bathroom all new fixtures and flooring. Remove and replace front entry door, sight view and dead bolt required.DEFFENBAUGH CONSTRUCTION70000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051370-20165000S WOODWIND AVE Residential BuildingRESHINGLE HOUSE & GARAGEALL AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION12000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051371-20162200S SHEFFIELD AVE Residential BuildingAttached Garage 20'x26'CLAIR BUDAHL25000.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-RB-051373-20165801S MANDY AVE Residential BuildingFinish Garage Interior-insulate and sheetrock walls.LANCE NOLZ1000.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051238-20162309S MARY BETH AVE FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051241-20161813S GRANDVIEW AVE FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051242-2016805S WILLOW AVE FenceFENCE -- 6' Vinyl & 4' Chain LinkAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051245-20164705W SARA PL FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051248-20164802E MANGROVE ST FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051251-20162601E 49TH ST FenceFENCE -- 4' Brown Chain Link & 6' Wood -- AMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051253-20165705S CULBERT AVE FenceFENCE AMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051283-20163908S SERTOMA AVE FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051289-20167905W VISTA PARK ST FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051290-20167211S BRIDGER PL FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051293-2016801E 64TH ST FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051332-2016517E 58TH ST Fence4' Chain linkKASSIDI SMITH0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051369-20164101S SOUTHEASTERN AVE FenceFENCE -- 4' WOOD & 4' CHAIN LINK -- BRIAN RUSH0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051211-20163809E MISSION ST FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/27/2016FEN-051136-2016612S GARFIELD AVE Fence6' WOODEXTRAORDINAIRE HANDYMAN0.00Issued
5/27/2016Permit-CB-044535-20164415N GRADUATE AVE Commercial Buildingnew apartment building with underground garage SMART COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION CO12151560.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-050341-20162119S MINNESOTA AVE Commercial Buildingnew tenant buildout -- jetlife nutritionSOONER INSTALLATION10000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-050747-20164001W 41ST ST Commercial Buildingtenant build-out, Renegade, Space 920AARCHITECTURAL GUILD LLC462000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051124-2016920S WILLOW CREEK PL Commercial BuildingReroof apartment building.CORNERSTONE BUILDERS INC90000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051126-2016920S WILLOW CREEK PL Commercial BuildingReroof apartment building.CORNERSTONE BUILDERS INC90000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051127-2016920S WILLOW CREEK PL Commercial BuildingReroof apartment building.CORNERSTONE BUILDERS INC90000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051128-2016920S WILLOW CREEK PL Commercial BuildingReroof garage 1 of 4.CORNERSTONE BUILDERS INC16500.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051129-2016920S WILLOW CREEK PL Commercial BuildingReroof garage 2 of 4.CORNERSTONE BUILDERS INC16500.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051131-2016920S WILLOW CREEK PL Commercial BuildingReroof garage 3 of 4.CORNERSTONE BUILDERS INC16500.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051132-2016920S WILLOW CREEK PL Commercial BuildingReroof garage 4 of 4.CORNERSTONE BUILDERS INC16500.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051234-20164601E ARROWHEAD PKWY Commercial Buildingtuckpoint as needed throughout buildingJANS CORPORATION4000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-CB-051235-2016207W 37TH ST Commercial Buildingnew awning on the north which is the front of the building, 3 x 12PRIDE NEON INC2800.00Issued
5/26/2016FEN-051140-20163124E DUDLEY LN Fence4' CHAIN LINKEXTRAORDINAIRE HANDYMAN0.00Issued
5/26/2016FEN-051210-20161630E BENNETT ST Fence6' WOODGRACE TILDEN0.00Issued
5/26/2016HP-051214-20164905E 33RD ST Homeowner's PermitsWater Heater OnlyJAY STAEBELL0.00Issued
5/26/2016HP-051216-20164416W MESA PASS Homeowner's PermitsInstall 60 amp electrical sub-panel in attached garage.SHELLEY STASSEL0.00Issued
5/26/2016FEN-051215-2016516W 12TH ST Fence6' WOOD - TRASH ENCLOSUREAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
5/26/2016FEN-051219-2016424S SUMMIT AVE FenceFENCECHRISTOPHER SORENSON0.00Issued
5/26/2016FEN-051232-20162020E 6TH ST Fence6' WOOD FENCEHOLLY CHRISTIANSEN0.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051133-20162908S LYNDALE AVE Residential Buildingreshingle house & garageKROON HOME IMPROVEMENT15000.00Issued
5/26/2016S-7046.01701W 12TH ST Signs Billboard GROUND SIGN 0.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051139-2016804S CONKLIN AVE Residential BuildingReroof house only.SPECIALTY ROOFING & SIDING5100.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051141-20162804E OLD ORCHARD TRL Residential Buildingraze house & garage DIAMOND D CONSTRUCTION-E11300.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051142-2016929S KENNEDY AVE Residential BuildingReplace 3 Windows Only -- Same rough opening -- 2 south side and 1 east side -- VR CUSTOM TRIM & REMODELING2600.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051146-2016904N ST PAUL AVE Residential Buildingreplace rear exterior door, no structural changes, deadbolt & sight view required. remove non-load bearing wall between kitchen and living room, kitchen remodel, replace countertops and add cabinets above existing upper cabinets.install tile backsplash between base and upper cabinets. replace countertop on main level bathroom, add can lights to kitchen and dining roomCOOPER CONSTRUCTION INC1100.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051148-2016409N LEADERS AVE Residential Buildinginstall new egress window in the lower level, replace window well on existing window. JEFFREY UNDERBERG1100.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051151-20162804E OLD ORCHARD TRL Residential Buildingnew house & garage, lower level finished 14 x 20 covered deck and 12 x 18 open & unenclosed deck, engineering for core-floor in fileRALLIS CONSTRUCTION416205.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051153-2016114S JEFFERSON AVE Residential BuildingReroof house.DOUG SCHOENFELDER CONSTRUCTION2000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051158-2016608W GARDEN PL Residential Buildingnew house & garage, lower level finished 14 x 15 covered deckRALLIS CONSTRUCTION248135.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051159-2016215N DULUTH AVE Residential BuildingReroof House & Garage Only A & A ROOFING40000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051165-20162208E 6TH ST Residential BuildingRemove existing 4' x 5' landing and replace with new 4' x 7' landing, new frost depth footings.JAMES SWANSON500.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051167-2016604W SHADY HILL ST Residential BuildingReroof house & attached garage.MJ TERVEEN CONSTRUCTION INC6256.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051189-20161304N DULUTH AVE Residential BuildingReroof garageARTURO MENDOZA1100.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051194-20167708W BROWNING ST Residential Buildingattached Deck 14 X 12JOHN BERRISH500.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051199-20162012W 22ND ST Residential BuildingPour new concrete landing and steps for side entry. All rises must be within 3/8" of each other.VAN SINGREY500.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051201-20165805W 58TH ST Residential Building6' x 8' Shed Only -- Anchoring Required -- BRADLEY HAKEMAN200.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051209-20163001S HOLLY AVE Residential BuildingInstalling stone veneer on the north and east side of house only -- Remove stucco, install 2 layers of ty vec vapor barrier type x poly and mesh over the vapor barrier. --ADAM BUSS7000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051212-20165805W NANCY ST Residential BuildingReroof House & garage OnlyMITCHELL ROOFING & SIDING LLC6800.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051233-20161513N ELMWOOD AVE Residential BuildingReroof house & detached garage.JULIAN ZAMORA3000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051237-20161871S SERTOMA AVE Residential BuildingInstall new hand/guard rail, create new step to yard, and replace deck boards. 10' X 16 deck. Repair joists if needed.LISA LEBRUN1000.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-051239-20165609W 16TH ST Residential Buildingreplace front deck, 6 x 12, 2 new piers 8 inch round KELLY JENNINGS600.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-050815-20168000W STRABANE ST Residential Buildingnew house & garage lower level finished 10 x 14 patioA PLUS CONSTRUCTION214475.00Issued
5/26/2016ZON-051168-20162500N SWEET GRASS AVE Zoningpaving with bricks for motor home-acess already hard surfacedVINCE HALVERSON0.00Issued
5/26/2016ZON-051183-2016601N MALLARD PL Zoning12X16 STORAGE SHEDDERRELL SUITOR500.00Issued - Pending Inspection
5/26/2016ZON-051191-20161011S SUNBURST PL ZoningADD SHED 10' X 12'JUSTIN COLLINS2800.00Issued
5/26/2016ZON-051193-20162012W 22ND ST Zoningpaving new drivewayVAN SINGREY0.00Issued
5/26/2016ZON-049525-2016500E 14TH ST ZoningPARKING LOT REPLACEMENTJRDS CONTRACTING LLC40000.00Issued
5/26/2016SIGN-051143-20161200E 57TH ST Signs PORTABLE SIGNACE NEON SIGNS, SOA/SNW# 20.00Issued - Pending Inspection
5/26/2016SIGN-051161-20162101W 41ST ST Signs PORTABLE SIGN - CARPET ONEPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
5/26/2016SIGN-051229-20161412W 41ST ST Signs WALL SIGNACE NEON SIGNS, SOA/SNW# 20.00Issued
5/26/2016MHP-051172-20164710W 15TH PL Manufactured Home PlacementNEW HOME PLACEMENTJIMSCO INC0.00Issued
5/26/2016Permit-RB-049372-20166701S WHITECHURCH CIR Residential BuildingKITCHEN ADDITION ONTO HOUSE 8' x 15' and 12 x 22 covered deck. Engineering on fileCHRIS BARTMANN100000.00Issued