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12/1/2016Permit-RB-065696-20161604S GLENDALE AVE Residential Buildingremodel bathrooms and replace 1 window, Replace toilet, add grab bar next to toilet, removed fiberglass shower stall and replace with a new tiled shower, did not change out the shower valve, only changed out the head and install a new tiled floor with a heat pad under it, replace window with no structural changes on the main level bathroom, replace toilet, add grab bar next to toilet and replace medicine cabinet with a mirror on the lower level.DOREEN LIPINSKI1100.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-RB-065811-20163113S COPPER FORGE AVE Residential BuildingHouse & Garage, Unfinished Lower Level, 14'x14' Covered DeckRONNING ENTERPRISES INC211870.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-RB-065835-20163212S PILLSBERRY AVE Residential BuildingRESHINGLE HOUSE & GARAGEBLESSING ROOFING, THE5915.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-RB-065846-20165201S EASTWIND AVE Residential BuildingPartial Lower Level Finish Only -- Family Room Only -- No other rooms will be finished at this time -- Will need additional permits to finish the bedrooms, bathroom and hallway --BRYAN WISEMAN GENERAL CONTRACTING INC10000.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-RB-065869-20161109W GOLDTHREAD CIR Residential BuildingRemodel Master Bathroom-Remove & Replace Fixtures, flooring, and wall coverings-no structual changesBRUCE OLSON CONSTRUCTION LLC50000.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-RB-065880-20162108S CENTER AVE Residential BuildingRemove a 14' load bearing wall to have open to kitchen, dining & living room -- Will call for inspection after demo on load bearing wall to size for appropriate header size -- Install new can lights and change out 100 amp and install a new 200 amp panel (using a homeowner's electrical permit) -- Fix a plumbing leak in bathroom located above kitchen (Using a licensed plumbing contractor) --ANDERS PETERSON2500.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-RB-065887-2016616S JEFFERSON AVE Residential BuildingRemodel Kitchen & Add Bathroom on main floor -- Remove a 11' load bearing wall 2' into kitchen to make room for new bathroom; Install LVL Header above sized per weight determined by Supplier -- Removing wall covering and install new drywall and trim -- Relocating fixtures in kitchen -- infill 2 windows to match existing walls --KEITH KAUFMAN CONSTRUCTION LLC20000.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-RB-065895-20161501S COATES RD Residential BuildingLower Level Bathroom Only -- Additional permits are required to finish the rest of lower level -- No load bearing changes --JACOB JEPPESON1000.00Issued
12/1/2016FEN-065825-20162708W BITTERROOT ST FenceFENCEAMERICAN FENCE0.00Issued
12/1/2016HP-065867-20165328W 46TH ST Homeowner's PermitsInstall New 100 amp sub panel in Garage & new 60 amp sub panel outside for Swimming pool Only 12/01/16 Canceled permit RB-008861-2014 and started over on new HP-065867-2016WADE OPP0.00Issued
12/1/2016HP-065903-20161201S SYCAMORE AVE Homeowner's PermitsService Update Only -- 100 amp to 200 amp -- MICHAEL THOMPSON0.00Issued
12/1/2016MHP-065311-20163101N FIERO PL Manufactured Home PlacementMANUFACTURED HOME PLACEMENTPAM CAIN0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065780-20167511S LOUISE AVE Signs GROUND SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065781-20165100W 12TH ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065782-20165100W 12TH ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065784-20165100W 12TH ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065785-20165100W 12TH ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065786-20165100W 12TH ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065834-20165110W 26TH ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065876-20164901W 26TH ST Signs GROUND SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016SIGN-065888-20161709E 63RD ST NSigns WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
12/1/2016ZON-065900-2016422S WILLOW AVE ZoningNorthern Lights Luthiery -- Stringed - Instrument Repair -- GARY CLELAND0.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-CB-061160-20164001W MARY JO PL Commercial Buildingcommons 57 unit apartmentSIGNATURE COMPANIES LLC4922215.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-CB-063704-20163220W 57TH ST Commercial Buildinginterior remodel of suite, ness bookkeeping; remove the sink and toilet in exam #2, to create another office in this suite.LLOYD CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT99000.00Finaled
12/1/2016Permit-CB-064502-20164828E 57TH ST Commercial BuildingOffice Building-Subject to Final Plan Review Pending-Builder/Contractor Assumes All Risk of Construction Prior to Receipt of Final Plan Review Letter.SIGNATURE COMPANIES LLC185000.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-CB-065891-2016123W 43RD ST Commercial BuildingReplace Roof of warehouse Only -- Install new sheet metal on roof -- Install per manufacture installation instructions -- No weight gain -- Property owner is taking all responsibility for the hired contractor (Decker Roofing & Construction -- DBA: DGD Const LLC) --ROBERT NELSON9800.00Issued
12/1/2016Permit-CB-065902-20162320S SUMMIT AVE Commercial Buildingfootings and foundations only for augustana summit housing II, 8 unit apartment buildingLLOYD CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT100000.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-CB-064457-20161400E 39TH ST NCommercial BuildingOffice Addition build out 4031 square feet Demo Existing Office Area (40'x50')BECK & HOFER CONSTRUCTION 675000.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-CB-062985-20165110W 26TH ST Commercial BuildingWISEMAN ENDOCDONITICS INTERIOR REMODELPRIMUS COMPANIES54000.00Issued
11/30/2016ZON-065799-20166506W GROVE PL ZoningDECK ADDITION 8' X 8'DAKOTA INVESTMENTS LLC300.00Issued
11/30/2016SIGN-065715-20167700S DAKOTA HAWK AVE Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
11/30/2016SIGN-065720-2016235N PRAIRIE AVE Signs GROUND SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
11/30/2016SIGN-065727-20167401S BEAL AVE Signs WALL SIGNCUSTOMEYEZ DESIGNS0.00Issued
11/30/2016SIGN-065268-20164901W 26TH ST Signs GROUND SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
11/30/2016SIGN-065272-20164901W 26TH ST Signs GROUND SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
11/30/2016SIGN-065505-20167511S LOUISE AVE Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
11/30/2016HP-065815-20161112S MONTICELLO AVE Homeowner's PermitsGarage Heater & New Gas Line OnlyJEFFREY NILSEN0.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-RB-065772-20165412S SOLONO AVE Residential BuildingHouse & Garage Unfinished Lower Level 12'x14' Covered DeckSCOTT GILBERT CONSTRUCTION CO195910.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-RB-065787-20166025W WHISTLER CT Residential BuildingHouse & Garage, slab on grade, 10' x 12' rear concrete patio, uncovered COREY THORSON CONSTRUCTION158850.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-RB-065789-2016715S DAKOTA AVE Residential BuildingRESHINGLE HOUSE AND GARAGEJOHN KOCH CONSTRUCTION7000.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-RB-065802-20163215S SERENITY TRL Residential BuildingLower level finish of one bedroom maintaining egress, bathroom and family room, wet bar, storage under stair will require gypsum wall board.LARRY JARK5000.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-RB-065804-20161609S ANDREW AVE Residential BuildingLower Level Finish Only -- 2 bedrooms, 1 theatre room, 1 family room & 1 bathroom -- Egress windows exist -- Must Sheetrock & tape under stairs for storage -- No load bearing changes --MIKE SCHULTZ CONSTRUCTION INC25000.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-RB-065807-20164312N MONTANA AVE Residential BuildingAdding a stand up Shower Only -- No load bearing / structural changes -- BAILEY WINTERSTEEN500.00Issued
11/30/2016Permit-RB-065808-2016305S RED WILLOW AVE Residential Buildinglower Level Finish Only -- 2 bedrooms, 1 family room, 1 bathroom, 1 fireplace & 1 wet bar -- No load bearing changes -- Egress windows exist --XTREME CONSTRUCTION LLC10000.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065701-20166304W 10TH ST Residential BuildingInstall draft stop in garage ceiling between house and garage.NYTROE CONTRACTING500.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065729-2016708N BLUE BELL LN Residential BuildingHouse & attached garage, unfinished lower level, 12' x 12' covered deck.VOELLER CONSTRUCTION 211925.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065732-2016425S PRAIRIE AVE Residential BuildingReplace 4 Windows Only -- Same Rough Opening -- Fall Protection Required -- Maintain Egress -- ROB OSTREM CONSTRUCTION1750.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065738-20166608W BRADFORD CIR Residential BuildingReplace Garage service door only -- Same Rough opening -- Maintain Egress -- TJ CONSTRUCTION & REMODELING500.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065739-20161501W DUNBAR TRL Residential BuildingLower Level Finish Only -- Family Room, bathroom, & 1 bedroom (egress required)ROGER NEARMAN5000.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065740-20167317W LANCASTER ST Residential BuildingRemove approximately 15' of main floor bearing wall, between living room and family room. Engineering for beam to be provided on site. Install can light in living room, family room and kitchen.KUPER CONSTRUCTION LLC6000.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065638-20164308W MILLS ST Residential Buildingnew house & garage, lower level unfinished, 10 x 14 partially covered deckKN CONSTRUCTION INC187840.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065639-20164317W 90TH ST Residential Buildingnew house & garage, 3rd & 4th levels unfinished, 10 x 12 covered deckKN CONSTRUCTION INC172245.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065647-20166201W OSCAR HOWE CIR Residential BuildingReplace 3 Windows Only -- Located in front of house -- Same rough Opening -- Maintain Egress -- fall protection required -- BIG SIOUX CONSTRUCTION LLC2500.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065654-2016913N SAVANNAH DR Residential BuildingReplace 3 Exterior Doors Only -- View hole and Dead Bolt Required -- Same Rough opening -- Maintain EgressHEIMBACK CONSTRUCTION3500.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065658-20162611S SHERMAN AVE Residential BuildingRemove and replace exterior front door and lower level entry door, same RO, no structural changes. Front door requires sight view and dead bolt.HEIMBACK CONSTRUCTION3500.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065659-20166408S CRANE AVE Residential BuildingReplace 1 Patio Door Only -- Same Rough opening -- Maintain EgressHEIMBACK CONSTRUCTION1800.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-RB-065692-20166413S HEMINGSTONE TRL Residential BuildingLower level finish of two bedrooms, maintaining egress, bathroom, family room with wet bar and fireplace.D & E CONSTRUCTION68000.00Issued
11/29/2016HP-065743-2016124N GRANGE AVE Homeowner's PermitsInstall new 200 Amp OH Service and wire Detached Garage OnlyKIRK WELLMAN0.00Issued
11/29/2016SIGN-065640-20161701E 69TH ST Signs PORTABLE SIGNBLACK SIGNS OF SOUTH DAKOTA0.00Issued
11/29/2016SIGN-065641-20165400W 26TH ST Signs PORTABLE SIGNBLACK SIGNS OF SOUTH DAKOTA0.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-CB-062741-20166201S WESTERN AVE Commercial Buildingnew strip mall, shell only GIL HAUGAN CONSTRUCTION1600000.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-CB-064349-20162040W RUSSELL ST Commercial Buildingnew holiday inn & suites and crooked pint restaurantPRO GROUP INC500000.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-CB-064554-20163509W 57TH ST Commercial BuildingEat Fit Go, dinning establishment with occupant load of 49 or less, and accessory retail sales . No cooking producing grease laden vapors allowed without a type I hood. Structural engineering shall be provided to inspector in the field for additional loading for roof top units. Service counter shall have accesssible space 36 inchs high max, 36 inches wide min and the depth of the counter. The environmental section of the Sioux Falls Health Department comments: • All floors, walls and ceilings in the food prep, food storage, warewashing, toilet rooms and refuse storage areas shall have a smooth; easily cleanable; non-absorbent surface; and be light in color. • All lighting in the food preparation, storage and dispensing areas must be shielded. • A service sink or curbed cleaning facility must be provided in this tenant space. Drainboards are to be installed on each side of the 3 compartment sinks, which are detailed. • Bathroom doors serving commercial food establishments are required to be provided with self-closing devices and mechanical ventilation.TOM UHLIR150000.00Issued
11/29/2016Permit-CB-065642-2016604N KIWANIS AVE Commercial BuildingReroof back east slope not doing front mansard.MIDDAGH SERVICES10700.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-CB-065230-2016111W 17TH ST Commercial Buildingremodel & refurbish Unit #253, remove & replace flooring, cabinets, appliances and fixtures.BECK & HOFER CONSTRUCTION 80000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-CB-065231-2016111W 17TH ST Commercial Buildingremodel & refurbish Unit #353, remove & replace flooring, cabinets, appliances and fixtures.BECK & HOFER CONSTRUCTION 80000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-CB-065483-20162904W 33RD ST Commercial BuildingReplace 2 Windows Only -- APT # 134 -- 1 East & 1 South -- Same Rough opening -- maintain Egress -- Fall Protection Required -- WINDOW WORLD1086.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-CB-065529-20166108S LYNCREST AVE Commercial BuildingWaterfall Massage build out. Grab bars required in accessible bathroom EAGLE CONSTRUCTION INC45000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-CB-065538-20161209E BENSON RD Commercial BuildingSimple man interior buildout, install accessible bathroom, grab bars required, install ceiling and finish exterior walls, install mech and elect. EAGLE CONSTRUCTION INC31000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-CB-065539-20163301N MARKEY AVE Commercial Buildinginterior remodel, remove two non-load bearing walls next to the front entrance creating a larger reception area. construct walls to create a new 12 x 12 office in what was the draught area when it was beal distributing. MICHAEL SYMES14000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-CB-065554-2016815S MINNESOTA AVE Commercial BuildingAthletico -- interior tenant buildout, 2,480 sq ft. vestibule is existing. sign on the front door stating "Door to Remain Unlocked During Business Hours" shall be installed. Bathrooms shall have be accessible & have the applicable signage, grab bars and clearances.JARDING CONSTRUCTION INC164000.00Issued
11/28/2016SIGN-065489-20161500W 41ST ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
11/28/2016SIGN-065499-20162300W 49TH ST Signs WALL SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued
11/28/2016SIGN-065553-20165409W 41ST ST Signs PORTABLE SIGNBLACK SIGNS OF SOUTH DAKOTA0.00Issued - Pending Inspection
11/28/2016SIGN-065613-2016500S MAIN AVE Signs PORTABLE SIGNPRIDE NEON INC0.00Issued - Pending Inspection
11/28/2016SIGN-065618-20162616S LOUISE AVE Signs SICKIES GARAGE - 7UPCUSTOMEYEZ DESIGNS0.00Finaled
11/28/2016SIGN-065624-20162616S LOUISE AVE Signs SICKIES GARAGE - HICUSTOMEYEZ DESIGNS0.00Finaled
11/28/2016SIGN-065631-20161028S LYONS AVE Signs  ACE NEON SIGNS, SOA/SNW# 20.00Issued - Pending Inspection
11/28/2016SIGN-065634-20163905S WESTERN AVE Signs PORTABLE SIGNCUSTOMEYEZ DESIGNS0.00Issued - Pending Inspection
11/28/2016FEN-065530-20164601E 26TH ST FenceFENCE EXTRAORDINAIRE HANDYMAN0.00Issued
11/28/2016FEN-065531-20164308E 26TH ST FenceFENCEEXTRAORDINAIRE HANDYMAN0.00Issued
11/28/2016FEN-065536-20161624S DOODLER DR FenceFENCE -- 6' Cedar & 6' galvanized Chain Link (Garbage Enclosure)EXTRAORDINAIRE HANDYMAN0.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065477-20161117S NEWPORT PL Residential BuildingReplace 3 Windows Only -- 2 West & 1 South side -- Same rough opening -- Maintain Egress -- Fall protection required --WINDOW WORLD3180.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065479-20163909E MISSION ST Residential BuildingReplace 3 Windows Only -- 1 North, 1 West & 1 South side -- Same rough opening -- Maintain Egress -- Fall protection required -- WINDOW WORLD1710.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065481-20162401S CROWN HILL CIR Residential BuildingReplace 2 Windows Only -- 2 West side -- Same rough opening -- Maintain Egress -- Fall protection required -- WINDOW WORLD2930.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065482-2016700N SUMMIT AVE Residential BuildingReplace 10 Windows Only -- 3 North, 4 East & 3 West side -- Same rough opening -- Maintain Egress -- Fall protection required --WINDOW WORLD5000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065523-20162800E BUCKINGHAM ST Residential Buildinglower level finish, 2 bedrooms, bath & family room, egress windows existing out of each bedroom sheetrock under the stairs if used for storage, draftstop required, hiring out the plumbing, electrical and mechanical but not sure who at this time.TREVOR ANDREWS5000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065526-20162512S MOSS STONE AVE Residential Buildingnew house & garage, lower level finished, 10' x 15' covered deckBRIAN BASHORE236005.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065548-20163113S SANDLOT AVE Residential BuildingLower Level Finish Only -- 2 bedrooms, 1 family room, 1 bathroom & 1 gas fireplace -- No load bearing changes -- Egress windows exist -- PAUL NELSEN CONSTRUCTION INC36500.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065560-20165008S ASH GROVE AVE Residential BuildingRESIDE HOUSE AND GARAGETOTAL QUALITY CONSTRUCTION20000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065562-20163221W RALPH ROGERS RD Residential BuildingReplace Front Entry Door Only -- Peep Hole Viewer & Dead Bolt exist -- Same Rough Opening -- COOPER CONSTRUCTION INC750.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065574-20164201W MINDY CIR Residential Buildinglower level finishKN CONSTRUCTION INC24150.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065576-20167404S REDSTONE AVE Residential Building12' x 12' storage shed, shed to be anchored onto concrete padKELLY HOSEK1000.00Issued
11/28/2016Permit-RB-065594-20164309W MILLS ST Residential Buildingnew house & garage, lower level unfinished, 10 x 12 covered deck & 9 x 10 covered patioKN CONSTRUCTION INC165840.00Issued